Aaron Paul’s Instagram is a thing of beauty


"Your ice cream is like a Jimmy Fallon SNL sketch. Halfway though you break down laughing and can’t finish it."

LANIE: Bruise pattern indicates the assailant strangled him with both hands.
CASTLE: The bruising is a little lighter right there.
BECKETT: What would account for that?
LANIE: Dislocated or broken finger, maybe.

"No comment. Hugh is less pretty and more handsome. He’s also seventy five per cent more British and eighty three per cent funnier than he has a right to be."
— Scott Thompson AMA on Reddit in response to “Is Hugh Dancy as pretty in real life?” (x)

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my roommate just ran out of her room a second ago yelling

king joffrey is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead


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mychuckbartowski said:

and what was that exactly?

harrison ford’s face

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okay that was harder than i thought



George Takei,

You rule. 

drawing your favorite character/actor/musician is just an excuse to stare at their faces for hours and no one will consider it weird

Track Title: Beat The Devil's Tattoo

Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


How to feel badass:

  1. Walk down the street
  2. play this


cuter than u


cuter than u